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Batch Conversion of DVDs with Handbrake

I recently had a project to backup over 150 DVD titles to network storage. To save space, I decided to convert them all from DVD to h264. This cut the file sizes down from 4GB to about 1GB each. Processing each took around 20-30 minutes on my i7-4790k so I wanted to automate the process. […]

Using the Kace K1000 VNC Button With Chrome And Firefox

Dell’s Kace K1000 appliance is a neat little device but it is not yet complete as a product. If you have a managed machine inside the K1000, you will see a small icon that opens your UltraVNC viewer and connects to that computer for remote management. Very handy! Unfortunately, it only works in IE. Bad, […]

Change Your Skype Mood Text In Linux With Python

I thought it would be neat to change my Skype mood text based on what I was watching on my WDTV. I have a WDTV Live Plus modded with WDLXTV (version based on 1.05.04) that displays what I am watching on a web dashboard. To accomplish this, it is as simple as scraping the […]