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Updating the BIOS on Gigabyte BRIX GB-BSi5H-6200

The BRIX that I received from Amazon had a very old BIOS version installed. Newer versions enable better support for certain memory modules and other hardware. Unfortunately, Gigabyte does not provide any instructions at the time of writing on how to flash the BIOS on these machines. To flash the BIOS on the GB-BSi5H-6200 (and […]

Audio Fix for the Gigabyte BRIX GB-BSi5H-6200 on Fedora 24

I recently purchased the Gigabyte Brix GB-BSi5H-6200 to replace my dated HTPC. It’s a fantastic little powerhouse NUC-form-factor PC and should be future-proof for 4k video when that time finally arrives. For today, however, it can drive 1080p like nobody’s business. However, after installing Fedora 24 (LXDE spin) on it, I found there was an issue […]

Small, Powerful, Low Power Consumption NAS

For as long as I have been into technology, my downloads, virtual machines, backups, testing platforms, and general storage have all been scattered about several devices. My newest solution is running my large downloads on a modded WDTV to preserve power and keep them centralized. This has become cumbersome as the files have gotten larger and as […]