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I used to do Alchemy in Skyrim manually…

Then I made a calculator!

I didn’t care for any of the other alchemy calculators that were available so I made my own. I wanted something that would show me the most profitable path for the ingredients I owned. I also added a way to save your inventory for later use. You can try it out here.

Many thanks to this fine gentleman or gentlewoman for your data. I wish I could have found a way to contact you!

I have not tested this in Internet Explorer. It should work in IE9 but any other IE version is unknown. Chrome and Firefox work flawlessly.

EDIT 10/11/2014:

I made some updates so this will work much much better in the Steam browser. Check it out!

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  1. J McK says:

    Still using this because it’s the best, though I must ask are you planning on updating it for Dragonborn et al? Thanks 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    has it been updated for dragon born? and if not, has anyone found a good one that works with dragon born?

  3. Michael says:

    I found one works with the DLC, but it has a lot more features than this one does, so it’s noticeably slower. It’s what I’ve been using, though, since otherwise I don’t end up using the DLC ingredients much.

    It should be linked on my name, but if that doesn’t work, look up the garralab . com Skyrim alchemy lab.

  4. Blaine says:

    The link to the “fine gentleman” seems to send me to a random website each time

  5. Dan says:

    Love your alchemy calculator, much better than the one I tried to make. Is there any way you could give us the option to download the source code?

  6. GBOP says:

    Your Alchemy Calculator is amazing! I cannot praise it enough. Uncovering the attributes of ingredients by eating them or trial and error is SUCH a drudge.

    I use this to do the uncovering, to increase alchemy skills, sell the high value potions/poisons hence earning speech craft skills. Arcadia of Arcadia’s Cauldron is perfect for providing further training. An hour’s worth of work at her alchemy table and negotiating the sale of potions, buying of training and ingredients is extremely rewarding, and almost impossible without this calculator.

    With every new Skyrim character I create, I always obsess over collecting the widest range of ingredients possible before visiting Arcadia.

    It’s amazing the prices merchants will pay for complex potions and poisons. Even poisons which also include beneficial effects and potions which cause damage. Stuff which one would never use in real life in Skyrim. I can only assume that the merchants know of collectors who are prepared to pay big septims for bizarre concoctions. I don’t ask questions, I just brew and sell this stuff to her, or any other merchant.

    Bottom line, this calculator is an enjoyable path to boosting alchemy skills, leveling up and providing a long term skill-based source of revenue.

    I’m now using it in the Skyrim VR edition, which is tricky given that it’s hard to use a laptop when inside the VR headset. My workaround is to place the headset on a chair, turn off the Move Controllers and use the DS4 for menu navigation.


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